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Raising Kids in the Digital Age

Anne Collier_Families MatterThe complexities of raising kids in a digital age: Study
By Anne Collier
Net Family News

This was a fun study to read, especially because it tells the stories of the tech and family lives of Gabriella Guzman and Sierra Ramirez (ages 8 and 7, respectively) in the Los Angeles area. Of the children author Lori Takeuchi of the Joan Ganz Cooney Center writes, “They were somewhat ordinary as far as their digital media use was concerned. None were budding moviemakers, prodigy programmers, or avid gamers. Their parents weren’t engineers or professors of education, or the type to buy them robotics kits. But all used computers, video game consoles, and/or handheld devices on a regular basis at home and for fun, which was a primary selection criterion for this study.” Continued at Net Family News>